English Language Arts (ELA) and Literacy01

Analyze how texts create meaning at the level of the word, the phrase, the sentence, and the paragraph or verse.

IGen ELA and Literacy program will greatly assist in your child’s educational journey. While building strong knowledge in grammar and composition aspects, students will also read more texts that provide facts and background knowledge in areas including science and social studies. They will work with more challenging texts and be asked more questions that will require them to refer back to what they have read. There will also be an increased emphasis on building a strong vocabulary that will help students with reading comprehension for more challenging texts.

Sample Curriculum

IGen Math (Accelerated and Advanced levels)02

Focus on problem solving and logic.

IGen Math is an exciting afterschool program based on developing strong logical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will concentrate on a more focused set of major math concepts and skills. This will allow students to master key math concepts and skills in a more organized way throughout the year and from one grade to the next. It will also call for teachers to use rich and challenging math content and to engage students in solving real-world problems in order to inspire greater interest in mathematics.

Sample Curriculum

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